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To: Multiple recipients of list wreckdiver <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 03:09:59 -0400
From: Bill Bott <aquadart@ix*.ne*.co*>
Subject: Re: NiTek3 computer

It is nice to see that you are well.  But you may want to watch how you
reply to lists as well.  You sent out a 350+K mail bomb to the list your
self!!!  A few of these numb-skulls have their mailers send these back to
the offending party.  So before you cast stones.....  No harm, no foul, I
filter my mail.

Done any good diving lately???

At 08:05 PM 5/27/98 , you wrote:
>Keep this off this list.
>go to tech diver or cavers if you want to send this BS.
>remove the large files from your posts their are other ways
>now you are the big dick
>At 08:17 PM 5/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>I`m not mark you dick.
>>>Tom Hanaway wrote:
>>>> Mark, I've been going through the same decision process myself.
>>>> Have you or anyone else found the lack of back lighting to be a
>>>> problem with the nitek 3.  With my bridge, you need to shine your
>>>> light on it to read it at night.  Not a particularly good
>>>> solution.
>>>> TIA, Tom
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Bill (aquadart) Bott

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