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Subject: Re: Wreck preservation laws?
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:03:56 -0400
From: Jim Cobb <cobber@mi*.co*>
Well, the problem is that in salt water steel rusts away in a matter of 
years. And wood is gone in a matter of months from the teredo worms. You 
could pass a law not to touch a wreck, but how do you stop the ocean from 
taking it? Only a huge, mindless bureaucracy like Canada's would pass a 
pointless law like that.

In fresh water it is another story, where the wreck is preserved. And I 
agree to leave them alone there.

Down here in Virgina Beach they found the Monitor wreck. It was declared 
a no-touch sanctuary by zelous bureaucrats, you had to get a pass signed 
by The Big Cahuna himself to even gaze upon the wreck. But eventually 
even the stuffed shirts found out what us wreckdivers knew all along, 
steel + salt water = rust. In the monitor's case a rather large, 
impressive pile of rust.

So the solution? Salvage the bitch. Duuuuhhh! At last count they spend 
$20,000,000 dollars to bring up a half-rusted propeller. Something a 
bunch of wreckers do on a regular basis for a few hundred bucks. I love 
mindless government workers. What a job.


On 8/24/98 9:33 PM Anthony DeBoer wrote:

>A discussion came up with a fellow Ontario diver today about the apparent
>differences in attitude toward wreck preservation on either side of the
>US/Canada border.  From where we're sitting (north side of Lake Ontario),
>we see that wrecks on the Canadian side are protected by law, while much
>of what we see and hear from the US side suggests that it's open season
>on artifacts.  
>I seem to recall hearing several years ago that Congress was passing a
>very restrictive wreck-preservation law; did anything ever come of that?
>What about state law (specifically New York)?  Or is there any great
>difference between what's on the books and what actually happens out on
>the lakes?  We'd like a better idea of what folks across the water are
>doing and thinking.
>Anthony DeBoer <adb@on*.ca*>

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