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From: Bruce Bosshardt <bosshardt@in*.co*>
To: "''" <>
Subject: An interesting (true) story about PADI....
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 19:58:59 -0600

After being out of diving for 30 years, I took a PADI open water 
certification in January at Ginnie Springs in Florida. Unfortunately, the 
diving experts at PADI think that Ginnie Springs is the name of an 
instructor, not the most famous cave diving venue in the world. I have a 
fully filled out PADI log book but no PADI number. Below is a copy of all 
the emails to and from PADI. Feel free to disseminate them as you feel 
appropriate. I have re-arranged them in chronological order and I have the 

Bruce Bosshardt
Diver without a PADI card...

 I Wrote:
<mailto:bosshardt@st*.co*> > 04/19 12:41 PM >>>
I did my open water certification under a PADI instructor in Ginnie
FL January 20 & 21. I have not yet received my certification card in the
mail. I was given to understand that it would only take about 6 weeks to
the card back. Is there any problem?

The certification is under my name, Bruce Bosshardt, 15799 WCR 4, Brighton,
CO 80602 and should have been sent in by Ginnie Springs.

Please advise.

PADI Wrote:
From:	RESEARCH PADI [SMTP:research@PA*.CO*]
Sent:	Friday, April 21, 2000 9:47 AM
To:	bosshardt@st*.co* <mailto:bosshardt@st*.co*>

Subject:	Re: Certification...

Unfortunately, we don't show your record on file yet.  Also, we don't have
Ginnie Springs on file as an instructor with us.  If you have a temporary
card or divelog book, her number should be on there, please let us know
that is.

				Best Regards,
				Kenny Kim
				Research Coordinator, PADI Americas

I Wrote:
<mailto:bosshardt@st*.co*> > 05/05 8:20 AM >>>
Ginnie Springs is actually a place, not a person... in fact is one of the
best cave diving sites in the world from all I've read. The Instructor I
took my open water certification with there was Josh Dolan and his PADI
is 167642. I finished my open water on Jan 20th of this year. I have
to Ginnie Springs (info@gi*.co* <mailto:info@gi*.co*>
<mailto:info@gi*.co* <mailto:info@gi*.co*> > )
and asked them to look at their records as well. If I don't hear back from
them in a timely manor would it do any good to send photo copies of my log
book entries to you? Please let me know....

				Bruce Bosshardt

PADI Wrote:
From:	RESEARCH PADI [SMTP:research@PA*.CO*]
Sent:	Tuesday, May 09, 2000 2:15 PM
To:	bosshardt@st*.co* <mailto:bosshardt@st*.co*>

Subject:	Re: RE: Certification...

Your message has been forwarded to me for a follow-up.  Unfortunately, we
have researched our records and have not been able to locate a
record.  If you have any specific information pertaining to your
certification, please provide us with that information.
In order to receive a certification, either you or your certifying
instructor should have submitted a certification envelope for processing.
In order to obtain a certification card, we must be provided with proof of
certification. If you have either the P.I.C. Envelope, Temporary Card or a
Wall Certificate, please make copies and submit them with a passport sized
photos and your date of birth.  On receipt of these items, we will be able
to review the situation further and determine whether or not a
card can be processed.  Please be sure to include your current mailing
Send your request to: PADI Americas, 30151 Tomas St., Rancho Santa
Margarita, CA 92688, Attn. : Research
Best regards,
Yvonne Lara
Senior Research Coordinator, PADI Americas

I Wrote:
Your response is unexceptable. Please supply me IMMEDIATELY with the name
and DIRECT IN  phone number of your supervisor. PADI is the certifying
agency. My card, if I ever got one, wouldn't say "Certified by Ginnie
Springs" it would have said "Certified by PADI".

PADI certified:

-- Your instructor's name/number: Joshua Dolan 167642
-- Our PADI Dive Center name/number: Ginnie Springs 391
Date of certification: 20 January 2000

If PADI doesn't wish to take responsibility for those that they authorize
to give their courses, I'll go to SSI or NAUI. In the mean time I'll get my 
$150 back for a certification that I never got and I'll damn well publicize 
this in every dive magazine that excepts letters to the editor. Count on

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