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From: "Esse" <enordesjo@ho*.co*>
To: "Matthew Schultz" <matt.schultz@td*.ne*>, <Chriss_Ludin@pc*.gc*.ca*>,
Subject: Re: cold water regulators
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 06:55:36 +0100
Hi Matthew

I ice dive regularly with both rebreathers and OC in fresh and salt water.
Dived yeasterday, will dive today. (its quarry and mine season here in
The "jungle drum" talk about regulators and Ice diving is that scubapro
freeflows, Mares are iffy, and most oceanic are Ok.
Of course this a broad generalisation and obviously there are models of
these brands that perform better.
On the other hand: Consistent performers in cold water are:
Apeks 40/50 (not 100), Spirou Artic models, and Poseidons set correctly.

But cold water duving goes beyond brand, You can get any regulator to
freeflow if you have the wrong procedures. The most important. DONT, purge
or test the regulators or LPI above water before the dive. Its the high gas
flow in the first stage that causes the freezing (but you knew that) and in
the water the the first stage is always "warmer".

Another though that comes to mind with so many failures of diffrent brand on
your dive is that how "dry" is your compressor ? In order to freeze there
must be humidity. That comes from the gas that is pumped by the compressor.

Hope it helps.

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From: "Matthew Schultz" <matt.schultz@td*.ne*>
To: <Chriss_Ludin@pc*.gc*.ca*>; <techdiver@aq*.co*>;
Sent: den 18 februari 2001 01:58
Subject: RE: cold water regulators

> I too am interested in this question as well what tech diver recommends as
> second stage for ice diving. A few of us tried an ice dive this afternoon
> and everyone experienced some sort of equipment failure. Many brands were
> present: Oceanic, Poseidon, Scuba Pro to name a few. All of them
> like there was no tomorrow. It could be that the air temperature had
> something to do with it (2 degrees fahrenheit, and -20 with windchill),
> my guess is that there has to be something that will work in the cold
> climates and under these air temperatures. Any advice would be greatly
> appreciated.
> -Matt Schultz
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> From: Chriss_Ludin@pc*.gc*.ca* [mailto:Chriss_Ludin@pc*.gc*.ca*]
> Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 10:02 AM
> To: techdiver@aq*.co*;
> Subject: cold water regulators
> Our section is in the process of selecting new regulators for use by our
> archaeologists. These guys will be periodically exposed to -2 degree
> centigrade
> water, arctic variety ambient air temp. and depths to 40 m. in isolated
> areas.
> The reg will be used in a Cressi full-face mask. We're looking for a reg
> with a
> dry seal first stage, freeze-up resistant second stage, high air output at
> depth, good parts availability and a decent reputation. Any preferred
> manufacturers or dealers? These regs may only get 200 or so hours per
> but
> they will get beat up.
> We'd be interested in hearing some recommendations particularly from those
> regularly diving any part of the Arctic, Great Lakes, under the ice and,
> course, from those with years of experience.
> Chriss Ludin
> Underwater Archaeology Technician
> Parks Canada
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