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From: "Max" <max@xd*.co*>
To: <Chriss_Ludin@pc*.gc*.ca*>, <techdiver@aq*.co*>,
Subject: Re: cold water regulators
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 14:04:19 -0500
In Canada stick with the Apex, service is good. Buy the Tx 40s or 50s with
the enviro kit, detune them a bit for extreme cold (-20c and below) and you
will not have a freeflow problem.

Ottawa Canada

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From: <Chriss_Ludin@pc*.gc*.ca*>
To: <techdiver@aq*.co*>; <>
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 11:02 AM
Subject: cold water regulators

> Our section is in the process of selecting new regulators for use by our
> archaeologists. These guys will be periodically exposed to -2 degree
> water, arctic variety ambient air temp. and depths to 40 m. in isolated
> The reg will be used in a Cressi full-face mask. We're looking for a reg
with a
> dry seal first stage, freeze-up resistant second stage, high air output at
> depth, good parts availability and a decent reputation. Any preferred
> manufacturers or dealers? These regs may only get 200 or so hours per
season but
> they will get beat up.
> We'd be interested in hearing some recommendations particularly from those
> regularly diving any part of the Arctic, Great Lakes, under the ice and,
> course, from those with years of experience.
> Chriss Ludin
> Underwater Archaeology Technician
> Parks Canada
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