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Subject: Press Release: NW SCUBA Festival
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 10:44:41 -0800
Please forward the message following to all appropriate departments.


Frank Benavente
Sunrise Motel & Dive Resort
P.O. Box 554
Hoodsport, Washington 98548
Phone: (360) 877-5301
Fax: (360) 877-5502

3rd Annual Northwest SCUBA Festival

Hoodsport, WA -- February 06, 2002 -- Calling all SCUBA diving enthusiasts,
mark your calendars, the dates for the 3rd annual Northwest SCUBA Festival
have been set.  It is scheduled to take place on September 28th and 29th of
this year.  The location chosen to host the festival is Hoodsport,
Washington.  This year's event is being organized and conducted by the South
Hood Canal Business Association, Celebrate Hoodsport Committee, Mason County
Sheriff Department & The Sunrise Motel and Dive Resort.

The Great Northwest SCUBA Festival is the ideal place for diving enthusiasts
to come together and gather the latest dive news and information.  Many
equipment manufacturers, dive shops and clubs and will be featured providing
displays, gear demonstrations and product exhibition.  One of the highlights
of this yearÂ’s event is the wider variety of seminars, which divers of all
skill will find interesting and educational.

Bring the family.  This event is for everyone, in addition to all the dive
industry material, there will be plenty of concessions and local merchant
shops participating to make the experience enjoyable for all.

This is a great opportunity to promote your business/organizations and how
it relates to SCUBA diving in the Northwest.  We are currently seeking
additional participants and sponsors for this event.

Whether SCUBA diving is a passion, occupation, or hobby and no matter if you
are a novice or expert, the Great Northwest SCUBA Festival has something for

For additional information:
Frank Benavente (360) 877-5301


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