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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 20:37:56 -0800
From: joe c <polarbea@sa*.ne*>
Organization: POLAR BEAR, INC.
To: Cost effective home improvement <freeattic@co*.ci*.uf*.ed*>
Subject: Three Missing In WPB
For all those interested, I just got off the phone with someone from
that area who was privy to some THIRD HAND INFORMATION.  This may or may
not be accurate.

It seems that the four divers entered the water.  The student reached
the bottom and realized he was not able to lift himself by inflating his
bc/wings or whatever he was using.  The instructor and the third
(missing) diver attempted to raise the student off the bottom while the
fourth (surviving) diver watched.  They were able to get him about 20'
off the bottom and the three sank back down.  On a second attempt,  they
were able to attain approximately 40' off the bottom and again sank

At this time the fourth (surviving) diver began his ascent and the left
the three on the bottom.  Whether he was low on air I was not told.

While I'm sure that there is probably much more to this story than this,
we need to scrutinize EXACTLY what transpired so as to prevent a
reoccurrance of this scenario in the future.  Specifically, we need to
determine if the gear was defective, inadequate or improperly used.  Was
the instructors methodology adequate or lacking?  Did the student have
the necessary experience to engage in this level of training?

While I offer my sincere heartfelt condolences to the beareaved, I also
want to know what went wrong and why.

Joe Citelli
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