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From: <NAUI7874@ao*.co*>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:54:28 EDT
To: tomeasop@mi*.co*,

In a message dated 7/6/98 7:14:24 PM, you wrote:

>Now tell me about the overwhelming evidence to the
>contrary in these
>last two major incidents how the student's do not share fault for their
>own buoyancy
>problems, it was all the instructor's fault

if you are refering to Jane you need to understand this.

1 she was way over weighted
2  she made the dive and came up to start deco
3 she switched to the wrong gas
4 her awesome instructor trainer did not catch it
5 she signaled a difficulty breathing
6 her highly trained instructor sent her up to the next deco stop by herself
(he told me this himself the day she died)
7 she went a bit past 30fsw and vented to go back to 30fsw
8 her inflator then failed to hold air (ask Jim Mimms - iantd bod)
9 she passed out
10 she was then negitive and started sinking to her death
11 her highly watchful instructor failed to notice untill she was 50 or 60
below him ( he was at 40fsw)
12 a diver in the group was trying to chase her down
13 her courageous instructor stayed at 40 fsw and let someone else try to save
14 the rescue was abborted
15 her highly observant instructor then watched her back gas drain  for the
next 2 min. ( a trail to Jane) the bubbles finally stopped. he tryed to
explain it as she was clearing regs. and was now doing her deco down stream
16 know you know why I had a airplain do a search untill dark, and had dive
boats as far north as boynton doing patterns till dark. 
17 Derick was late in getting to the dive site and unsuccessful in recovering
18 I could go on but I am starting to get pissed and so will stop for now.

do you have any more questions Tom?????

Jane was the best love of my life. 
thank you Derick McNultty, for allowing me to ID her fish and crab eatten face
for the cops

Alan Pelstring
s fl

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