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Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 21:24:21 -0400
From: Bill Bott <aquadart@ix*.ne*.co*>
Subject: Yet another!!!!
shortly after arriving at work this morning I pulled the following copy
form the wire service at work:


Michigan News

Diver disappears off the coast of Nantucket

(Boston) - -The search is on a Michigan scuba diver who disappeared while
exploring a wreck off the Massachusetts shoreline.

Richard Roost of Ann Arbor was looking at the Andrea Doria when he vanished

Coast Guard officials in Boston resumed the search for the 46-year-old
Roost today, using a Jayhawk Helicopter.

The disappearance comes only weeks after another diver died after exploring
the wreck.

A New Jersey man suffered decompression sickness while exploring the
wreckage.  He was alive when he reached the surface but later died from too
much nitrogen in his bloodstream.

In 1956, 51 people died when the Italian liner Andrea Doria sank after
colliding with the Swedish ship Stockholm off the New England coast.

(Copyright 1998 by the Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)
APTV-07-09-98 0808EDT

This afternoon I received word that Richard's body was recovered from
inside the wreck at approximately 3:30pm EDT.  He was found face down.  I
have not yet been able to find out is there was gas remaining in his tanks.
 These are the facts as they are available at this time. 
I have known Richard for a few years but have never been involved in a dive
with him.  Richard owned two dive shops in Michigan at the time of his death.

I will save my comments for the time being while I collect the relevant facts.

If anyone has any information regarding Mr. Roost's death please pass it on
to me.  I am not interested in hearsay or conjecture.  I only want the facts.
Bill (aquadart) Bott
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