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From: <Adriaan_Haine@ce*.be*>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 07:42:46 +0200
Subject: Rebreather Deathtrap?

Read this one on the  Divernet this morning (excerpt from the August DIVER
magazine (UK):(

" On 20 June Bob Forster, 62, from Corby, was lost during the ascent from a
mid-afternoon dive on the Windtown, which lies in about 30m of
water 7 miles off Trimmingham in Norfolk. His body was not found.
A member of North Sea BSAC of Peterborough, Bob was diving with two other
members of the branch from a local charter boat, the Merlin.
It is reported that, having ascended their shotline, the buddies deployed a
surface marker buoy at a depth of 15m. When they looked around,
Forster had disappeared from view.
Unable to descend again in a building tidal race, the North Sea group
issued a Pan Pan call and a major search was instigated by Yarmouth
Coastguard involving inshore and offshore lifeboats, an RAF helicopter and
a helicopter from HMS Invincible, exercising 50 miles away.
It was calculated that Bob, who was using an Inspiration rebreather, could
remain alive under water for several hours. In addition to surface
and air searches, divers from HMS Invincible were dropped from a second
helicopter during the evening's slack tide to search the Windtown.
A number of diving boats joined the search, including four from East
Anglian BSAC. One tied up to the wreck shotline and member Gary
Bowden attempted a dive but had to turn back in a strong current at 20m."
Looks like another one to add to the electronic rebreather list. X:(

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