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From: <SG1SG@ao*.co*>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 10:59:03 EDT
Cc: cavediver@ca*.co*
Subject: Andrea Doria Death
Here are some facts on the latest Andrea Doria Death.  The diver was found
floating on the starboard side of the dive boat Sea Inn (moored alongside the
Seeker).  He was brought in and administered cpr for approx 2 hours until the
Coast Guard came.  His bottom timer showed 210 feet 21 minutes.  His pressure
gauge showed 3400 Psi (on left post) but his right regulator had no gas.  Upon
opening his isolation manifold his pressure gauge dropped to 1600 psi.  Oxygen
analysis on his tank showe 17 % O2.  He had two Oms 45 stage bottles one with
a pressure gauge reading full 3300 psi it analysed at 36% the bottle had a
marking on a sticker on the neck reading 8 with the next digit scratched out
the 8 was about 3/4 of an inch high.  His other stage had no pressure gauge it
analysed at 80% we did not gauge the pressure. That bottle had the same type
of sticker as the other one with 80 written on it, same size pencil marking.
We put duct tape on the stages with the appropriate mix % in  magic marker.
All above is first hand information.  I was a passenger on the Sea Inn   
chartered out by Sea Dwellers of NJ.  This was the first Doria trip for the
Sea Inn.  The Captain, the crew and the staff of Sea Dwellers performed
flawlessly and showed great proffesionalism.

Santiago Garcia

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