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From: "Adri KC Haine" <adri@De*.zz*.co*>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 14:27:13 -0800
Subject: Diver fatality involving Inspiration CCR

Sadly, it would seem that a casualty involving a CCR diver has taken pl=
ace in the Portland area of the UK. On TV reports the divers' dive-equip=
ment was shown and it involved a yellowboxed rebreather, likely a Buddy =
=A0Inspiration unit. The following is from a UK mailing list (scuba-uk l=
ist URL: =A0)

The following is from the Maritime and
Coastguard Agency web site 


Press Notice No : 149/99 26 May 1999


Portland Coastguard were this afternoon alerted to an incident
involving a diver in difficulty off Portland.

The Coastguard received a call on Channel 16 at 1530 hours from the
sport diving vessel "DIVETIME", who reported that a member of their
diving party had surfaced and appeared to be in an unconscious state.

Portland Coastguard immediately tasked the Coastguard Rescue
Helicopter, Whisky Bravo, to the scene, some 15 miles to the south
east of Portland. Poole Coastguard Rescue Team were also tasked to
attend the helicopter landing site. The helicopter arrived at 1547
hours and the casualty was winched aboard and transferred to Poole
General Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

The weather on scene was good with light winds, good visibility and
only a slight sea swell.

Harry Leslie, Watch Manager, Portland Coastguard said:

"At this stage it is not know what happened but it appears that the
diver surfaced in some difficulty whilst the other members of the
dive team remained below the surface. The skipper of the dive vessel
contacted the Coastguard very swiftly and the rescue helicopter
arrived on scene within a matter of minutes. Our sympathies go out to
the family and friends of the diver."

Further news as it develops.

Since then it has been stated in a local paper that the casualty is Har=
ry Norman Railing, who was known to be a very experienced diver, trimix =
certified who got his Inspiration training last Easter. His aim was to d=
ive a 54 meter deep wreck with the Inspiration. Not much of the cause is=
 known or made public. It was merely stated that the unit 'broke down' o=
n ascent, but this has not been confirmed. Needless to say all this is h=
earsay and conjecture and pending the official enquiry must be treated a=
s such.

My condoleances and sympathy to all his friends and family. 



Adri KC Haine 



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